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  • See the Terms and Conditions of the Onix Sales Center.

      1.- All purchases have a maximum validity of forty-five (45) minutes. Time in which, Onix Project warranties the closing of a fixed price in the Onix purchasing transaction. During this period, you must make the bank transfer and register the requested information in the MY ORDERS section.

      2.- If your order was cancelled due to expiration of time, and you wish to continue with the purchase, you’ll have to create a new order. In this new order, the pricing conditions can be different. The Client accepts that: the prices of the cryptocurrency Onixcoin are variable minute by minute, whereby, every time a new purchase order is made, its price may be different to the established on a previous order.

      3.- The sending of ONIX to your wallet address will be made the following business day once the payment is verified.

      4.- The Onix Project is not responsible for errors when entering your wallet in the users register of the Sales Center or when creating your purchase order.

      5.- Your purchase order can be cancelled in case of error in your wallet address. We recommend checking your wallet address before paying.

      6.- Onixcoin it’s aligned with the recommendations and guidelines provided in the ORIENTATION GUIDE FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRYPTOACTIVES LAUDERING, FINANCING OF TERRORISM AND KNOW YOUR CLIENT POLITYCS” published by the Cryptoactives and Related Activities Superintendence.

      7. When making a sale, the costumer name of the bank account must be the same as the costumer name in the Sales Center.

      8. If you own a bank account in the same bank as us, your payment will be effective inmediately, on the contrary the period of waiting is 24-48 hours, except weekends and holidays.

    • I have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the OnixCoin Sales Center.

  • Affidavit and lawful funds destination.
    • The user-owner of the account at at the moment he completes the registration process in the Sales Center and at the moment he accepts the terms and conditions of the purchase, he declares, under oath of allegiance, that the capitals, money, goods, funds, assets or securities of the current investment, which are deposited or transferred to bank accounts of the Venezuelan national financial system, for the acquisition of crypto-assets, during the whole period that remains in force the relationship with Onix Project, does not violate, nor contradicts what is established in Ley Orgánica contra la Delincuencia Organizada y Financiamiento al Terrorismo which was published in the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela N º 39,912 on April 30, 2012, or what is established in Ley Orgánica de Drogas which was published in the Official Gazette N º 39546 on November 5, 2010.

      In addition, the user accepts and understands that Onix Project will act and abide by the legal and administrative procedures in accordance with the provisions of the “Normas Relativas a la Administración y Fiscalización de los Riesgos relacionados con los delitos de Legitimación de Capitales y Financiamiento al Terrorismo aplicables a las Instituciones reguladas por la Superintendencia Nacional de Valores” which was published in the Official Gazette N º 09,691 on June 08, 2011 to ensure that the resources that have been already invested came from legal and legitimate commercial activities, and to ensure that its obtaining responds to licit and legitimate activities which are regulated by the competent bodies of executing fiscal, financial, administrative and legal control.

      Therefore, the user declares that such resources have a lawful provenance, which may be corroborated by the competent security, judicial and administrative control agencies, and also declares that these resources don’t have any relation whatsoever with money, capital, property, funds, assets, profits or securities that are considered the result of illegal activities or capital legitimation.

      At the same time, the user declares that the destination of the crypto-asset acquired through his purchase order is completely legitimate and will not be used to contravene any of the legal and regulatory instruments mentioned above in this statement.

      I declare that the origin of funds and the fate of the crypto-assets are legitimate and do not violate national or international laws.

      I declare that the origin of funds and the fate of the crypto-assets are legitimate and do not violate national or international laws.

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